Immaculate Notting Hill Apartment


This apartment situated in Notting Hill is spacious and stylish. It’s a first floor home that displays a modern quality. The area in which it’s located is quiet, helping you relax and unwind completely. Although it lies in the trendy Notting Hill area, the bustling and world renowned Portobello Market is only a short walk away.

There are four bedrooms in this apartment, each of which has a built-in wardrobe and full-length mirror. The master bedroom with a king-sized bed is located opposite another bedroom that has a double bed and a flat screen television. Two more single-bed bedrooms are found in this apartment.

There are three bathrooms, each with a wash basin and heated tower rail. The primary bathroom has a large bath and an integrated shower head. From the bath, you can step on outside into your private balcony. The two other bathrooms have toilets and a stand-up shower.

The comfortable open-plan dining, living, and kitchen area have a flat screen TV, an L-shaped sofa, and a dining table that can seat 6 persons.

This apartment is apt for families and couples with spouse being over 30 years of age. The minimum duration of stay is five nights. The entire flat, along with its private balcony, is located on the first floor. The area has plenty of boutique coffee shops, ATMs, and grocery stores, and is well connected with other parts of London, such as the West End and Central London.